Episode 4: Pounded by greatness

Hello party people, another day, another glorious episode of Bay Hammer. In this episode Scott and Ian are joined by newcomer and black templars veteran James to talk about the new(ish) space marine codex release and how the new book fairs on the table top. The guys also talk hobby progress and games played and a little bit about what everyone has been up to since the last episode. Grab it at the link below.

Direct Download:

We went with more of an open forum format for this episode, so the show notes are a little light. I also didn’t get to go over recent news so I will include all the recent updates with the show notes below. After editing out all the swearing and exasperated sighs, the final runtime clocked in at a little over an hour.


Real quick in case you missed it, there is still time to enter in our #nofriendswithbenifits contest, just give us a like on our Facebook page between now and July 5th and you’ll be automatically enter to win the new Eldar Autarch kit. Check out the full contest rules here, open US and Canada residents.

The No Mercy GT went down on June 14th over at Great Escape games up in Sacramento. In the end it appears Paul McKelvey of team ‘Left Coast Corsairs’ took the top slot with tau. You can find event info and pictures from the event on the League of Underwhelming painters blog and Facebook.

Paul McKelvey Tau no mercy
McKelvey’s Tau pictured above from a previous event.


On June 6th our good friends over at Games of Berkeley celebrated their 35th birthday with a massive sale and some limited edition dice (which I am trying to get my hands on) Games of Berkeley runs wargame and board game nights on Thursdays and Sundays in their awesome dungeon/bank vault (more on that later) You can check out their event schedule via Facebook.

On a final note, we are in the last stretch of the lead up to the BAO which is fast approaching. With a flush of new codices in the mix, it will certainly be an interesting tournament this year. Tickets for the BAO have long since sold out for the 40k tournament, but Bay Hammer will be there covering things table side and with luck (and wifi) possibly grabbing a few interviews with the top tables.


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