Op/Ed What codecies are getting updated (UPDATED)

Happy Friday and what better way to celebrate the end of the work week than with a little educated guessing about the next wave of codex releases.


A lot of info regarding Age of Sigmar has been pouring out across the sphere lately, if even remotely valid it would make any major 40k releases highly unlikely in the next month or so. GW will most likely be shifting its marketing efforts towards getting AoS off the ground before the next holiday season. What this most likely means for 40k players is more WD battle reports and missions and maybe a supplement or data slate.

On the last episode of Bay Hammer I somewhat sarcastically lamented the lack of viable formations for the imperial guard (or Astra Militarum for you young folks) Honestly this is only part of a larger question I have been repeatedly asking myself about whether or not I actually have a 7th edition codex. After some long nights spent leafing through the newest books, harlequins, elder, admech and space marines I came to the conclusion that the current guard book is most likely a 6.5 edition codex. This was based off a few observations and a little guess work on my part which I will go over in the next section.

How to tell if you’re going to be buying a new codex in the next 6-9 months. The following list is a general breakdown of how to identify whether or not your book is up to date with the latest edition.
-It’s in softback format
-Art splashes dominated by older re-used artwork
-No formation entries in the main book (supplements don’t count)
-Vertical box style timeline instead of newer horizontal bar style
-Codex/army does not come with data cards.
-Older than three years
-Back index is flip out style
-You play sisters of battle

To break things down a little further, when I came up with that list I was thinking like a product manager and not a gamer, the sort of things you look for in a product like this to indicate incremental changes are very subtle but not too hard to pick out if you are paying attention the changes in design and layout of the newer books. One of the big things is formations, this can get a bit confusing because of books like the Ork and Tyranid books which both feature formations, but in essence require supplemental books or dataslates to make them wholly functional (I would argue that is less true of nids) If anything those two codices are 6.5.

The other details I looked for related to the overall design language of the newer books compared to those that came out more than a year ago. As mentioned above, there is a new trend at GW to use the codices as showcases for the models more and more, there was also a big shift in formatting moving descriptions of the units to the “art section” and putting the rules with pictures of the actual models, followed by formations. Little things like that, though even then I really can only make an educated guess.

So what educated guess did I make? Using the list above and a bit of common sense I believe that these are the codices that will be updated in the next 6-9 months if GW’s current release schedule holds true, please note that this list is in no particular order.

-Astra Militarum/Tempestus


-Sisters of battle (not trying to be funny)


-Chaos Marines


-Necrons (UPDATE Crons already got their bump, I totally forgot about it in the maelstrom of releases)

That’s my best guess, you’ll note I did not include Orks, the reason for that is more opinion than observation and it is my opinion that Orks do not move enough units to get priority treatment in the timeline provided. This is again in my own opinion tied to the tournament and local meta of the western market. Orks are not competitive and while I love them in fluff and on the table model wise, there are few players I see regularly fielding them at games and from what I know of those that do a good portion of their forces are purchased through ebay or through other second hand markets because of the sheer bulk required to play them in most cases. That’s just my take on it though.

Barring the fantasy remodel (read: complete teardown) butting in here and there I think this is a pretty accurate list, no one can really see the future (we burned all of our psykers in the 1800s) but if we dig deep enough it’s possible to peek around the corner now and then.

What do you think will be the next codex update? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, no chair throwing.

-Scott BH Senior Pixel Herder


5 thoughts on “Op/Ed What codecies are getting updated (UPDATED)

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  1. (My thoughts, just guesses)

    Necrons just got updated, and are a top tier army now (I’d say top 3). I don’t think we’ll see an update for them for 1.5 years. (assuming 2 yr release schedule now).

    Tau’s been confirmed.

    CSM/Daemons looks like they’ll be a bunch of secondary codexes (like khorne daemonkind) before they see an update.

    Orks, Inquisition, AM, Grey Knights, will most likely see supplement releases to give them decurions. We could see GK and inquisition get rolled together again.

    AM will just see a supplement to add the decurion.

    Nids…I don’t think nids will get jack for a while. They got SO many books and random things to work with now.

    1. I forgot the Necrons did get the 7th ed treatment (to many releases) Also with the new info about AoS coming out I would not be surprised if it was almost another year before new 40k books came out at this point. I still strongly believe nids will get a new book though, they broke them in 6th and then patched them to 7th with formations and they are spread pretty wide across multiple books and data slates right now. AM will have to be updated at some point, scions will most likely get data slated (hopefully alongside catachan) Tau, yeah they are pretty much locked in for a bump. From the sound of it though GW is going to be printing money with AoS for awhile so 40k releases will probably take a back seat next quarter.

      1. One of the sources for rumors for the community indicated that there are plenty of 40k releases upcoming. The original “no 40k for 4 months” rumor was indicated as false.

        We have tzeech daemonkind upcoming, and a campaign release, in addition to tau, all of which have been mentioned.

        There is no way that GW would ignore their cash cow for multiple months. Then maybe I’ve been eating too much nuln oil! 🙂

      2. That’s a fairly rational assessment, I think we might see an end of month release for a few of those books with most of WD dedicated to AoS.

      3. Of course i personally want an ork supplement, but who knows if that will ever happen. If GW had been smart, they would have released a evil sunz supplement with a plastic buggy kit, right when mad max came out in theaters!

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