The road to BAO

Lists are being tweaked and final touches are being applied on key units and somewhere Reece is standing on a sun blasted loading dock watching a literal metric ton of FAT Mats being loaded into a rental truck. That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again, time for the Bay Area Open.


While most players have been stressing (or not) over lists and getting their armies ready for this weekend’s big bash, I have spent most of my hobby time packing for my upcoming move and watching that new internet soap opera “Age of Sigmar” which if you haven’t caught the last few episodes, you are really missing out. This year I will not be attending as a player, though I will be there covering the event for BH and getting in a hobby class or two. That said expect a lot of pictures and maybe a few interviews in the not to distant future. If you see me wandering around feel free to say hi, I will be the tech priest covered in photography gear (me pre techno virus infection)

Representing the home team this year (not really :P) will be Mr. Durret and Chuck (the hivemind) Marshall. Bill has really been getting in those practice games lately, while Chuck remains somewhat of a well-tanned horse (some might say dark). I am looking forward to seeing what the mad Metrologic master of LED lighting and hometown hero Mr. John Feuerhelm will be bringing to the table this year (see crazy radiant bike list from LVO pictured below.)  

lvo John Fuelehelm powered play

It would be great to see a West coast player/team take home the top spot, after seeing Sean Nayden (East coast) take the championship title at LVO this year, having a win for the locals would be nice. Regardless of where you’re from, I wish everyone the best of luck. With codices being cranked out at breakneck speed and new tactics and combos being discovered every day, this is should be one of the most brutal ranked events to date.


In other exciting news, brother Ian managed to get some tickets to Comicon, I have idly suggested that he document that experience to share with all of you, I was assured that someone loaned him a camera for the trip that does not have hello kitty stickers plastered all over it. While BH does not have enough pull to get any really cool interviews (laughs and cries inwardly) Comicon is so awesome just to attend that it would be foolish not to do at least some coverage while one of us is there.



BH Senior Pixel Herder


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