New podcast episode up.

Join hosts Scott, Ian Chuck, Bill and special guest James for another action packed episode of Bay Hammer Radio! Episode 5: Blinded by the Light is all about the Bay Area Open. We also see the return of Salty/Sweet and the guys talk hobby progress and share their thoughts on the latest releases from GW and Forgeworld. In addition, we are now on iTunes! Check the link below to get to our iTunes page, if you like the show, please rate us, we are always looking for feedback and new ways to continue to improve the show.

In addition to a little light Karaoke, Ian regales the gang with his adventures in SoCal at the San Diego Comic Con. You can see a few of the choice pics he took at the convention after the show notes and you can view the whole gallery here. Check out for the full show notes.

Bonus: Scott announces some big news about Bay Hammer and plans for the future, check the show notes for further details on how to be a part of our growing community. You can also check us out on Facebook by clicking here.


Direct Download:

Show Notes:

New Releases GW

AoS Book


Lord Celestant

Gold Spray




Chaos Knight


Kytan Deamon Engine

Cor’bax Utterblight?

Warlord Titan

Titan Head


Bay Area Open results and pictures (They used my pics whoo!)

LVO Hotel Booking (get on this now!)

Team Bay Hammer Web application guide

Check out a few awesome shots from Ian’s trip to Comic Con this year. Unfortunately not all the original photos made it back, due to unforeseen technical errors.

That’s all folks, enjoy the show and we’ll see you next time!


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