A strange and familiar place.

When I close a chapter of my life, rarely so ever do I feel the need to reopen it, but I find myself yet again drawn inexplicably back into this community once more.
Most recently the launch of 8th edition (NeuHammer) has pulled me back up from the deep depths of the gaming wasteland, for a good while I had written off 40k to be doomed to a death spiral of poor business decisions and poor rules updates, as recent happenings would indicate, this could not have been farther from the truth. Upon poking my head through the veiled curtain to see what had become of the game I so loved and treasured expecting to find the usual shattered remains of a once proud community quibbling about ITC updates or what the best death star to take down flyrants would be this week, but to my surprise the scene had changed almost overnight from a tangled weedy bloated mass of entropy into a verdant and lush oasis of fresh content and new models, all of the stagnation of the previous years burned away by the unseen hand now firmly on the tiller guiding GW into the new age.

So what have I been up to? Well lets just breeze through it because all of my hobby progress comes from the last two weeks.




Working on finally putting some paint on my mechanicus auxiliary squads.
and lastly I finally put some paint on this guy after he polished of the last few wounds in a fight with Magnus.

The next part is lengthy so TLDR, 8th ed is really good, the BH podcast is over and done with, I use a bunch of flowery language to attempt to express how I feel about stuff.

This new garden of delights has rendered onto me a new sense of purpose and personally renewed my drive to participate in the hobby and continue to help mentor the next generation of players and hobbyists when ever possible Right now 8th edition is the new hot topic, one which I hope to discuss in greater detail in a future post, but right now I simply wish to reflect and re-establish a more intimate setting for my personal work.

Facebook is my main haunt these days for anything hobby related though mostly I just lurk on the hobby progress and podcast pages, it just feels like everything gets buried so quickly under a tide of posts and updates when , however the blog format still feels like it has some sense of permanence when I post something so I will come back here every so often with updates on my own hobby progress or what ever else is going on in my life. On that though I would like to clean up some business with the podcast, more specifically it’s over and done with, it was fun while I was doing it and I got to meet and work with some great people while working on that project, but after moving and splitting my time between various other projects I just don’t have the drive or time to really commit to doing a full show these days and more to the point I really don’t need to. There are so many great programs out there, The Independent Characters, Masters of the Forge, Adeptus Terra and Preffered Enemies just to name a few. When I set out to start Bay Hammer it was at a time when there was little to no Wargaming communities on the West coast and 40k radio was pretty much the only game in town and when they shut down I lost my only link to the hobby and I think for those of us who remember it was a real loss to the community. Not long after though we had a slew of shows swoop in to fill the void and were putting out great content a posting regularly and I was intent to join the wave, but that did not come together for me and so here we are seven years later.

What I am trying to say is there are good people out there putting out good content and I don’t think I can really contribute to that in a meaningful way anymore, I am instead re-focusing on getting new players into the hobby and helping them with advice and tips (and the occasional free mini) when I can.

8th Ed is bringing out all sorts and really breathing life back into the game and it fills me with a strange mix of emotions to see the community come back from the edge, regardless of how you might see it we are in a new era and I am happy to be a part of this community that has supported me and countless others over the years and I look forward to another fifteen years in the hobby and beyond.


Get out and play!



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