On the bench

With Seattle pride coming up this weekend I had to clear my gaming schedule, that doesn’t seem to have slowed down my hobby though, last night was spent setting my airbrush station up, yes the same airbrush that I bought two years ago and haven’t touched, in my head I keep thinking that if I have it set up I’ll be more motivated to actually use it.


As you can see it conveniently doubles as a handy storage space, so I don’t think I will be kicking on the compressor this week I did however order a cheapo airbrush to play around with priming models, so we’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of priming models, my next project is really what motivated me to drag everything back out. The beast is where I keep all my WIP minis and stuff that doesn’t fit in with my main KR case, at some point back in 2013 I decided that 60+ guardsmen would be all the infantry I would ever need, well 8th has offered up some interesting combinations for foot heavy lists, so begrudgingly I was forced to make a withdraw from the beast.


About 30+ mostly primed guardsmen and a few Catachans and Victoria Lamb veterans, oh what joy. Seriously though children have been conceived and born during the period that I have put this project off, so its no small matter when I say I have found the motivation to finally paint them, this kind of coincides with my next bigish hobby project.



This is a bit of a rough shot (I have since cleaned up the lines a bit) but I randomly decided last night that all of my squads needed indent stripes, this followed a short lived plan to green stuff PT belts onto all of them, I managed to do up a ten man squad and was really pleased with the look so I’ll push that out to the whole army eventually. Part of the credit goes to my friend Rhett who did something similar for his all Scion army and I really like the idea of being able to break down my squads visually when I am putting lists together, when you have 60+ models on the table wargear options start to get a bit hazy if you don’t have your list directly in front of you and this seamed like a neat way to mitigate that a bit and one of my old busted brushes has conveniently warped into the perfect shape to paint thick flat lines in one swipe, so I expect to wrap this up by next week.

That’s all for now, may your saving throws be high and your morale rolls low.




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